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What The GOP Didn't Talk About Last Night

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While Fox News is being praised for holding themselves accountable to the standards of a job they’ve held for years, there is something seriously missing from today’s conversation. Here’s a list of issues that were not mentioned at all last night:

Climate change

Clean energy

Raising wages for the middle class

Healthcare for all Americans

Criminal justice reform

Voting rights

Student debt

The only reference to campaign finance reform, was in the form of a Donald Trump joke. With so much praise being heaped on Fox for actually asking tough questions (admittedly it was nice to see Chris Wallace call out Trump for his bankruptcy), it’s easy to forget about the issues facing America that were left completely out of last nights debate. We all know the GOP is playing dumb regarding climate change, but the other issues they simply oppose. This doesn’t change the fact that these are issues that are important to many Americans, and many are personally dealing with.


Fox News leaving crucial context out of a story or event is no surprise, it’s what we’ve all come to expect from them, but let’s not let a couple hours of seemingly tough questions obfuscate the fact that Fox News still achieved their goal. They most likely shrunk the never-ending field of GOP candidates, and allowed the top ten to answer questions they knew were coming, while conviniently leaving out some of the largest and most important issues of this election. They even managed a few softballs for most of the candidates: “Senator Cruz, do you approve of this bill you co-authored?” So when your crazy cousin/uncle/sister/brother-in-law asks you what you thought of the debate, implying how presidential everyone looked, and tries to argue for Fox News’ neutrality, remember to remind them of all the things the weren’t said last night, and how important they are to the very near future of America. Try to remind them of this before you call them an idiot for watching Fox News/voting republican, they tend to stop listening as soon as they hear something that doesn’t jive with their narrow minded ideaolgy. It might also help to remind them of the fact that the GOP essentially handed the running of their party nationally over to Roger Ailes and Fox News officially with last night’s debate. Something that has been just a simple technical detail in the past, is now official - Fox News runs the Republican Party, not the other way around.

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