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Bernie Sanders Drops the Bomb #FeeltheBern

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Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dropped a bomb on Thursday for everyone planning on watching the GOP primary debate. Specifically, the Goddamned Greatest American™ Since FDR said: If you want to enjoy tonight’s debate just “Imagine you’re extremely greedy and selfish.”


This may be the sickest #Bern any of the GOP candidates hear tonight, except, you know, from every American, Non-American, and space alien on Twitter. It’s ok though, I’m sure their wives will console them when they get home, by reminding them what awful people they all are. (OH! Looks like Lindsey Graham might gain some ground tonight after all!)

No word yet on how Rotting Pumkin Time-Lapse Donald Trump will react to #FeelingTheBern, but my sincere hope is that said #Bern somehow incinerates whatever is living on top of his head.

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